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Learn to Swim

Templemore Swim School provides learn to swim sessions for children from the age of four and a half. All our qualified teachers take the children through a planned series of classes (our "Pathway") helping them to have fun getting used to the water, understanding safety in the pool and gradually learning different swimming strokes. Classes are usually 30 minutes long and presently operate each day Monday to Saturday.

Our Pathway is split into 6 levels. Every ten weeks your child we be assessed against set criteria to see if they have the skills required to move to the next stage.

White Hats

Children will begin to gain water confidence learning through games and fun activities.

Orange Hats

The skills learned in White Hats are developed. 

Yellow Hats

As a Yellow Hat the skills your child has already learnt will be used and developed to teach them all four strokes and to improve their strength and confidence.

Green Hats

While your child is in Green Hats they will improve their stamina and the distance they can swim. There will be more focus on technique, timing and rhythm in this class.

Blue Hats

In Blue Hats, swimmers will develop the technique and efficiency of all four strokes as well as introducing some aspects of strength and fitness through the swimming of multiple lengths with rest intervals. 

Red Hats

In Red Hats, stamina and skills will be further developed in readiness for your child's next phase whether that be competitive swimming, water polo or structured recreational swimming.

More information or to join...

We currently have a waiting list for all levels of the swim school. If you are interested in getting your child on the waiting list, please email us on learn2swim@templemorebaths.org.uk.